As times change our services must evolve.

With many building projects being carried out within the UK and EUROPE, most clients have on site quality carpenters and kitchen fitters.

This service is even suitable for the avid DIY’er.

Supply only clients can maintain the same variety of choice, styles and finishes ~ there is no difference, the only exception being our installation team’s involvement.

Our in house expert design team will educate you fully on your project. All aspects will be discussed. With our years of knowledge and experience the dream design is always achievable.

Being supply only has zero impact at this phase as design is paramount, whoever will install later down the line can be addressed at that point.

Once the dream space has been chosen it’s time to get everything into production.

Creating detailed paper work and issuing you with architecturally sound, scaled plans, confirming the order could not be easier. This same document will also act as your installation pack making it as simple as a Meccano set. Once your project has been made we will arrange to deliver in our own vehicles with a friendly, helpful driver.

We won’t leave you ~ we are here to help. Should you or your installer have any questions or require any installation advice we are here to assist. We have helped hundreds of successful projects and remote installation advice has almost become the norm.