“Top class service”

3 years ago, we did a massive refurb on our house this included a completely new enlarged kitchen too, I visited a few kitchen places some that had been recommended & some that had not, Cloisters was 1 that had not been recommended. Straight away I was put at ease and listened to with my ideas etc, over the space of a few weeks, these were then put onto plans so I could see what my kitchen space might look like. After several tweaks & deciding on colours, finish & worktops etc, I had to make a decision on 2 very similar priced kitchens from 2 companies, 1 recommended & the other not, the other kitchen was a German kitchen & lots of people said “you won’t go wrong with a German kitchen!”, but my heart and head were telling me to go British. British it was, I decided to go with Cloisters and they did not disappoint or let me down at any time throughout the planning, installing or aftersales process. My original designer left half way through my project but there was a seamless take over by Mike and no problem was ever too big or too small. Infact there were issues with a few doors on instalation but I never knew about it until it was all sorted, the fitter took it all in hand & I never needed to get stressed, that was the benefit of a British kitchen, no need to wait 2 weeks for replacements to be shipped from abroad. I went against everything that people tell you – always go on recommendations… but I put my trust in a company that had not been recommended, two & a half years later I still love my kitchen that Cloisters created for me & if I was in the market for another new high-end kitchen Cloisters would be my 1st & only port of call. If you are looking at this review you are obviously considering a Cloisters kitchen – just do it… I did & I never regretted it for a single minute.