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Here at Cloisters, we aim to go above and beyond expectations and provide a level of service that reflects our beautiful handmade furniture – from start to finish we will be with you all the way. Below is an outline of the step-by-step process you will journey through to realise your dream space.


The first step is to speak one of the designers here at Cloisters. This can be done over the phone or at one of our showrooms. We will ask a few basic questions so we can start to understand your project a little bit better. Most of the information we need is listed on our design consultation request form. In addition, we will need some room sizes – this can be measurements you have taken yourself or an architectural drawing. We will also tell you a little bit more about us to determine if we are the right company for you and your project. By the end of this initial discussion, we can book you in for your first design consultation.


Initial design consultations are held at either one of our showrooms or more recently via Zoom. If you’re able to, you’ll be encouraged to visit us so the designers can get more hands on. The meetings tend to last around an hour. The initial meeting will cover all the features you would like to incorporate within your project and how we might put them together into a design. Your designer will likely start by asking what your appliance requirements are – all our showrooms have working appliances, so we do live cookery demonstrations. We will then discuss the different types and ranges of cabinetry available. The purpose of the initial meeting is for your designer to be able to go away and start designing your dream space.


Having given your designer all the information they need they then consult the rest of the design team and put pen to paper ready for your next meeting. The second meeting will focus on presenting the various design options with the aim of narrowing it down to just one or two – not all details need to be worked out at this stage but instead most of the design will be resolved for us to be able to produce a detailed estimate. Usually, you’ll then have another meeting where we will present the estimates. We do not charge for this process up until now so it's well worth taking advantage of.


We hope that at this stage you are keen to progress further with us. We will ask for an initial commitment from you to allow us to progress to the next stage of detailed design.  This is usually 10% of your order value but can vary depending on the nature and scope of your project. Importantly, this deposit also gets you in our workshop queue which at times can be anywhere between 2 – 9 months long. This will of course depend on the size and type of furniture you’re having. When proceeding there will be no commitment to purchasing what’s detailed within the initial estimate, instead, it officially makes us a part of your team and allows us to spend more time with you producing the detailed paperwork.


Once you have placed your initial deposit with us, we will be able to progress to the next stage of detailed design. If we are installing your project, we will visit site to take measurements of the space. Now that we are officially a part of your team, we can spend a lot more time with you in subsequent meetings getting all the details right. As well as the 3D visuals we will provide a detailed 2D architectural drawing and written spec.


Once all the details of your project are ironed out and you’re happy with your final estimate it's time to place your manufacturing deposit so production can start. Depending on the nature and scope of your project the manufacturing lead time can be anywhere between 4 – 16 weeks. Please note, this is different to our workshop queue and manufacturing slots. These can be anywhere between 2 – 9 months long.


Your designer will be in contact regularly to make sure all the preparation on site is going as planned. Just before we are due to arrive, we will either visit once more or ask for some photos to make for a smooth delivery. If we are installing your project your installation will commence on the same day as the delivery or very shortly after. If for whatever reason you aren’t ready to take delivery, we can store your project safely for you.


We work hard to ensure that everything is in order from the outset. If something does arise - or you wish to tweak and change details on site - we will be on hand to sort them as swiftly as possible. Once we reach completion, we will often visit your home to discuss your feedback and enjoy spending some time in your new space. I am sure we would also love to take some project photos for our website and socials.

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