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Five key kitchen trends to look out for in 2023!

1. Dark Cabinets

Dark, moody colours are growing ever-popular for kitchens and the number one trend to look out for in 2023. Whether you’re after a traditional, classic look with lots of detail or something more sleek and modern, dark kitchen cabinets could be for you. Dark colours will create drama within your space, paired with woodgrains and bold hardware this will help create a sophisticated and timeless kitchen design.

Bespoke Mock-in-frame, factory painted in Lamp Black.

2. Mixing Materials/ Textures

The mixing of materials and texture isn’t anything new, however, it’s a style proving more and more popular for modern spaces. The combination of woodgrains and bright colours is a great way to achieve a sleek modern feel. As well as offering an interesting unique look, mixing materials or colours helps to create zones within large open plan spaces which can make the kitchen feel more structured and organized.

Cloisters Design, Oko True Handle-less Range

3. Reeded Glass

As we often see happening with design trends, reeded glass has come back into fashion after growing popular during the Art Deco period. Specifically, within modern contemporary kitchen design. Achievable within small or large spaces, reeded glass is a stylish upgrade that will give your kitchen a contemporary twist. It’s the perfect way to introduce glass, while also disguising everyday tableware which you may not wish to display.

4. Hidden Storage

Storage is a must within any kitchen, but have you considered any hidden storage or hidden walkways within your space? Offering a fun, interesting design element while also hiding away any high-usage or unorganised areas such as utility rooms or pantry cupboards. Hidden storage is a great way to add both vital storage and something different to your space.

Cloisters Design, Bespoke Linslade In-Frame Range

5. Supersize Your Sink

A large sink within your kitchen will offer both a practical solution as well as an interesting design feature. We’ve grown used to dishwashers being a part of every kitchen design but the desire for a large sink is quickly becoming one of the top things on most kitchen wish lists. With multiple options for materials, colours and shapes a large sink is a great way to add some uniqueness to your design while also providing an easy-to-use space to wash up… or maybe even wash the dog!

Cloisters Design, Bespoke Broads Range

If you are interested in planning a new kitchen, please do not hesitate to contact us at Cloisters Design. We currently cover Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas, we look forward to hearing from you.


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