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We first visited cloisters back in 2020, as we had recently purchased a new property that was being completely renovated, we initially had a kitchen in mind and the design we wanted as we were in (Covid time rules) we had to have a few zoom calls where Joe was able to discuss and show us his revised design and ideas which we were very pleased with and how down to detail he had done with some things I would have missed myself.


Then we were invited to visit 2 of their showrooms which also had all of the paint colours, fabrics, and a range of beautiful bespoke kitchens that was all finished to a very high quality. We then knew cloisters was the company we wanted to go ahead with.


From then on we also decided we wanted cloisters to do our whole house including the Utility room, the lounge book shelf’s, fireplace, shoeracks, all bedroom furniture including bedside tables. Joe worked very closely with us as a family the whole way through and with any questions or changes, he always made sure we were happy he also would come and visit the project often to see the progress.


The furniture fitter James was also so amazing at his work and all his finishing touches, he would be in our home every morning and always made us fill comfortable to be around pleasure to work with. Then towards the end of the project, we had everything hand painted again brilliant work done by the painter and also a lovely man who was lovely to be around. I think it means a lot when you have people working in your family home especially as we had a newborn baby so I was home most days and never felt uncomfortable.


Overall I would 100% recommend cloisters designs if you are looking for beautiful high-end bespoke furniture. Thank you personally to Joe for being wonderful to work with for the last year we are so happy with our finished result

Nicole Wright

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