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I had already obtained quotes from a few of the key kitchen retailers and had decided on hacking a Howden’s kitchen to achieve a high-end look. However, our friends insisted it would be worth contacting Cloisters who had designed and manufactured their kitchen. For years I had thought, our friend’s kitchen was beyond our budget. Our friends insisted that we would be surprised by how good value it was. Given that I loved their kitchen, I thought why not?

I am so pleased I did! On my first call, Cloisters insisted that I had a 2-stage consultation process – I was not keen as I absolutely already knew what design I wanted – having been through a few kitchen redesign projects in the past I knew my mind, but they wouldn’t take no for answer. The first consultation would be to discuss the kitchen specifications and then the designer would go away and come back with a proposal or two for discussion in the 2nd consultation. I had Joe Nunn (aka legend). It was so worth taking the time to go through the details with him and what I completely did not expect was that he would COMPLETELY CHANGE the design I had and be able to improve it by switching the entire layout of the space! The result was a game changer – his design and layout was more VALUE ADD than our architect was able to come up (Great work – Joe). So, in my mind the design service alone was worth the little bit more it cost than the usual high street retailers for what ended up being a much more bespoke kitchen, painted to my own chosen Little Greene colour.


My builders were also really impressed by the quality of the units. Cloisters have been instrumental in creating an AMAZING high end looking kitchen space. They were helpful, responsive and professional at all times. I have already recommended them to a friend, as has my builder to his clients. And I would use them again too. Joe has also been able to help with bespoke shelving for a cleaning cupboard, coat cupboard and office nook which is a real bonus and time saver. I wish I’d used them for my bedroom fitted wardrobes!

Stephanie Meredith

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